Monday, 3 January 2011

The third A...

So, now that we have discussed the first two A's of homemaking (Appearance and Attitude) I have another one for you: A place for everything. OK, it's not so much an A as an O for Organization!  I know it seems like a no-brainer, but it's shocking to me how many people don't grasp the concept of ORDER.  Order must be the first law of the home. Now, I know... mom can quickly get a bad rap for trying to enforce this law! Your attitude will help you out on this one. Teach your children (and husband) to obey this law, don't tell them. It will not happen overnight. It takes time and persistence to change the habits that create disorder into habits that will result in orderliness and neatness. It's every bit as easy to put things where they belong as to throw them over a chair, on the table , or under the rug. It's all a matter of conscious thought, training, and habit.
Some justify their untidiness by claiming "it takes too much time to be neat". They would rather do something creative or fun with their time. It may require a few minutes initially, but in the long run you will be saving buckets of time by not having to hunt for a pencil, car keys, or the other shoe. It takes much longer to set something down just to pick it up and put it away later. Order would come out way ahead in a race with confusion!
I have to tell you that when I finally gained the desire and determination to have a well-ordered house, MAGICAL things began to happen. My husband worked harder (and complained less). My kids were more cooperative and did better in school (because I had more time to help them).When confusion was removed, dispositions improved. Very serious problems have been solved since I decided to make my house a home. I have learned that cleaning is not just for appearance sake. It helps a house run smoothly, saves precious time, and sets the stage for power and accomplishment. Excellence can be achieved when a home reflects tender, loving care.
So here is your challenge for week three: Start by organizing just one closet, or bookshelf, or cabinet. Anything that you feel needs attention. Ahhhh, doesn't that feel better? Keep going until everything in your house has a place and every room has a purpose.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Challenge #2 Attitude!

One of the great challenges of homemaking is boredom. NO, I am not talking about sitting around with nothing to do: (we all know that could never happen!) I'm talking about lack of STIMULUS. You know, same old thing EVERYDAY: over and over again!  Often boredom develops into inertia. Your house looks like a construction zone, your kids are clinging to your legs, and everyone is hungry! All you want to do is go to sleep! Sound familiar???  If you often find yourself "too tired", assuming your health is good, the problem may be your ATTITUDE.  Challenge #2 is to change your attitude by asking yourself these questions:  Do I appreciate my calling as a homemaker? Do I understand the overall purpose of my work? Do I seek activities that are edifying? or simply try to find an escape?

I once heard a young mother tell this story: "It had been one of my usual busy days: housework, caring for children, cooking, jobs I would repeat the next day and the next. But it had been an exciting day for my five year old son. A group of kids from our church had been taken to visit a rest home. Johnny came home bubbling with talk of the trip and the sick ladies. When I put him to bed that night and listened to his usual evening prayer he added something different "and please god, help those sick ladies get well so they can fold clothes and do dishes like mommy". I stood there in the dark room staring down at johnny's sleepy head on the pillow. It was a moment of quiet revelation. I felt humble. The very best that my son could hope for someone else was a life just like mine. Suddenly, my dirty dishes and unmade beds became my blessings."

Attitude begins with gratitude! Start by being grateful for the work you have the privilege of doing. Focus on the RESULTS not the process. Learn to visualize the overall purpose of your work. Seek activities which, instead of being busy work and escapes, are purposeful and uplifting. Your attitude won't change overnight, but you will change it over time through diligent positive thinking!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Challenge #1 (why?)

So if you need some more motivation to get dressed (in real clothes) here it is. Numbered among one of our husbands biggest complaints is that his wife usually slops around in run-over slippers and pajama pants with uncombed hair and no makeup all day...unless of course she leaves the house in which case she will usually dress up for whoever she meets outside her home! I had a bad habit of staying in my workout clothes all day. I felt guilty for taking the time to work out, let alone MORE time to get dressed. The first day I got dressed my husband got a nervous look on his face and asked where I was going.  It took him almost a week to realize I wasn't going anywhere! The other day I heard him talking to one of his man friends and he said "one thing I love about my wife is she gets dressed up just for me!"  So if for no other reason than to do something nice for your husband, it will be worth the effort! Just remember if you look like a doormat people will walk on you! Happy homemaking!

Stay tuned for next weeks challenge!

Monday, 6 December 2010

yay for mommies!

Welcome to creative homemaking! I will be posting messages for all those women who are bored with their lives as "just a stay-at-home mom". Homemaking IS a divine calling from God. We are all doing his MOST important work. That's right: cleaning up vomit qualifies as divine work! We are raising the next generation! We are shaping the future! Some women may feel like their job as a homemaker is demeaning and a waste of their intelligence and education. They may feel under stimulated, out-of-control, or lacking approval. This is a sad epidemic among stay at home moms. There is much hope! I am here to offer a plan for you to feel energized, appreciated, self-disciplined, and efficient! There IS a way!
The first thing to remember is that permanent change doesn't happen overnight. We must constantly work to change our bad habits.
Challenge number one:
When you get up in the morning, get dressed, put on makeup, and try to look your best (as soon as possible after waking up.) That may mean waking up a little earlier before your kiddies.
Remember: the cornerstone of your home is YOU! Everyone depends on YOU! You need to feel your best. Lets start with looking well :-)